[available on Amazon]Vangoa Steel Tongue Drum Black


[available on Amazon]Vangoa Steel Tongue Drum Black

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  • ✅[Premium Material] Made of brand new carbon steel with protective paint, the steel tongue drum produces beautiful melodies, calming, soothing tones and relaxing sound, enhanced toughness, corrosion resistance, and stability, which is also waterproof and scratch-resistant
  • ✅[Precise Pitch] Each of the steel tongue drums are precisely cut, tested, and tuned according to the international pitch standard to make sure the pitch deviation value does not exceed plus or minus 5 cents. Just play the steel tongue drum directly right out of the box
  • ✅[Easy to Learn & Play] The professional note arrangement design of the steel tongue drum allows you to remember the note simpler. Each note will arrange together in harmony, making it an easy instrument to start playing, even with zero musical theory knowledge or experience playing an instrument. Beginners can easily play the steel tongue drum according to the music book in a very short time
  • ✅[Three Ways to Play] Tongue drums are played either with your hands, finger picks, or with mallets. When playing with mallets or sticks, the tongue drum will sound much clearer, louder, deeper, and more resonance sound. Playing with hands can deepen your connection to your drum as well as give you more freedom in playing. Playing with finger picks can prevent injury and soreness in your fingers after playing for prolonged periods of time
  • ✅[Wide Usage] Thanks to its calming and peaceful notes, the steel tongue drum not only can help you find inner peace, and healing or cleanse your mind and spirit, but also focus on your attention, allowing you to concentrate as your mind and body relax. It is suitable for various fields, including music enlightenment, jam sessions, performances, gift sending, yoga, meditation, zazen, music therapy, and even chakra cleansing
  • ✅[Practical Accessories] One-stop shopping for all your needs. The complete steel tongue drum kit includes a steel tongue drum, carrying case, finger picks, drumsticks, music book, and note stickers. The padded carrying bag not only brings the tongue drum good protection but also allows you take it to anywhere you want

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