Vangoa Bb Standard Trumpet Review

Vangoa Bb Standard Trumpet Review
Vangoa is a standard Bb trumpet ideal for students and beginners. A brass trumpet is ideal for playing lower notes which sounds familiar to a trombone. The overall design and build are durable and portable.

If you are thinking about learning to play the trumpet, Vangoa Bb standard brass trumpet is your best option. Want to know more? Read till the end.

1.Vangoa Bb Standard Trumpet – Excellent Beginner Trumpet

Color: Gold
Brand: Vangoa
Instrument Key: B Flat
Material: Brass, Copper
Score: 9.0


Vangoa Bb Standard Brass Trumpet – Features


Vangoa brass trumpet is ideal for playing lower notes in a musical arrangement. The Bb version is toned in one octave below any standard Bb trumpet. There are also variations: one-sixth and a one-ninth octave below the Bb trumpet. Like any other Bb brass trumpet, the Vangoa also consists of three valves with the octave range of E2 to C5.

This tonal range is not so low but will provide a suitable brass sound level.

Outdoor Performance

The outdoor performance of this standard brass trumpet is noticeable in a nicer way, as the sound is on the lower notes, which creates a wide and heavy feel. However, this trumpet is not so loud in the outdoor setting compared to more advanced versions or a trombone.

Further, the diameter of the bell is also not wide, so the chances of loud sound are less in the open space.

Indoor Performance

The sound of Vangoa’s trumpet in the indoor setting is quite prominent because the inside environment is always hollow, which traps the sound. Resultantly, you would be able to enjoy every note of your trumpet.

However, if you want to check the range performance of this Bb brass trumpet, then it’s better to play it solo. The small bell size wouldn’t elevate the whole band arrangement.


Vangoa has made one of the finest brass trumpets in the Bb category. It is designed by keeping rookie musicians and beginners in mind. The body is made with durable brass, which is easy to handle and portable. The 4.8 inches bell and 0.45 inches bore are ideal for a perfect and balanced sound.

The pipes are made of high-quality copper, which has anti-rust qualities. The valves are all stainless steel for smooth movement of valve pistons. The adjustable third finger ring suits people with small hands or kids.


Vangoa believes in quality and durability. Whether a beginner or a professional player, the company ensures that you always enjoy playing your brass trumpet without fearing early damage.

Keeping that in mind, the body is made of high-quality brass, which gives it a strong and reliable structural base. On top of that, a pure stainless steel layer is used to cover the strength of the brass structure. Further, stainless steel also gives the trumpet a stylish and shiny look and keeps it safe from outer rust for long life.


The combination of brass, stainless steel, and copper in the building of this trumpet ensures a durable build. Normally, saliva will gather inside the trumpet as you play it; naturally, rust the trumpet from the inside. The strong features of the trio reduce the risk of rusting and keep your trumpet fresh for a long time.

Further, the two separate water keys keep your trumpet saliva free. (We know it’s gross, but this is how it is).

Skill Level – Beginner

The prodigy of the trumpet recommends a Bb standard brass trumpet for beginners and students. Therefore, the Vangoa is ideal for beginners. However, the question is why? The answer is in the overall design of this brass trumpet. The ideal length, suitable bell size, three-valve design with easy maneuvering piston movement, the adjustable third finger ring, and lightweight are some of the features that make it ideal for a beginner to start falling in love with the sound of a trumpet.


The mouthpiece of the Vangoa Trumpet is designed in a medium size cup shape. The mentioned dimensions of 7C determine the depth and diameter of the rim. This rim size is ideal for beginners and kids, as it is easy to blow in the instrument with these dimensions.

Furthermore, this mouthpiece is also suitable for practicing and even for actual performance. The mouthpiece is removable, so you can keep it safe, clean, and durable.

Cleaning Kit

Vangoa comes with a standard cleaning kit that includes a cleaning cloth, gloves, valve brush, mouthpiece brush, valve cleaning and rust protection oil, snake brush, and a cleaning rod.

All these accessories are crucial for your brass trumpet’s health and perfect sound. Furthermore, a complete guide booklet is also part of the package, so you can easily take care of your trumpet with regular cleaning.

Accessories and Case

All Vangoa standard Bb trumpet comes with a hard case cover that is waterproof and in oxford design. This cover inside feels soft and luxurious for a maximum cushion for your instrument. The metal zipper is durable and in a two-way design. Two handles across each other with additional two shoulder straps make convenient portability.

Apart from that, you will also receive a stand designed with a five-leg structure for stability. The legs of the stand are foldable and tucked into the body of the bracket. This stand makes it easy to place your brass trumpet when not playing.

What makes it stand out?

  • Best for students and beginners
  • The balanced pitch, which is not so loud
  • Comes with a hard case storage box
  • Comes with a full-scale cleaning kit
  • Easy to learn
  • Made with durable material
  • Compact in size and easy to handle

Which disadvantages must you keep in mind?

  • Solo compositions of a trumpet are not so impressive
  • The bell size is not good for a perfect brass sound



Vangoa trumpet is a standard Bb style trumpet that is best for students to begin their journey as brass trumpet players. The design is durable and reliable. This trumpet comes with a full-scale cleaning kit with a manual. Apart from that, a hard storage box and a stand are standard accessories.

If you are planning to start learning brass trumpets, then the Vangoa brass trumpet is the right instrument.


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