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Rewards Program

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Rewards Program

With more ways to unlock exciting perks, this is your all access pass to exclusive rewards. 

About [Vangoa Points]

Earn more [Vangoa Points] for different actions, and turn those [Vangoa Points] into awesome rewards!

How to Earn Vangoa Points?

1.Place an order : 1 Vangoa Point for every $1 spent
2.Signup = 300 Vangoa Points
3.Like on Facebook = 10 Vangoa Points
4.Follow on Twitter = 100 Vangoa Points
5.Share on Twitter = 200 Vangoa Points
6.Share on Facebook = 200 Vangoa Points
7.Follow on Instagram = 100 Vangoa Points
8.Celebrate a birthday = 100 Vangoa Points


Ways to Redeem?

🌟8% off coupon=300 Vangoa Points

🌟$5 off coupon = 800 Vangoa Points

🌟$10 off coupon (Applies to orders over $50) = 300 Vangoa Points



Share your referral link with your friends and after registering they will get a 10% off coupon. When they make a purchase, you will get a $5 off coupon.


Q1.Who is allowed to join the program? >>>
All Vangoa customers are welcome to join the rewards program.

Q2.How do I join the program? Is there need for a fee? >>>
There is no fee to sign up for the reward program. Click "Rewards Program" to sign up and start earning your Vangoa points!

Q3.How to redeem points? >>>
Log in to your member account (in the bottom right corner of the website), find the Rewards Program page and click on your points to redeem them.

Q4.Do points expire? >>>
Yes, if you do not make a qualifying purchase during this period, the points will expire within one year. We will send you an email to remind you that your points are about to expire.

Q5.Can I share or trade points? >>>
No you can't. Points are not transferable and can only be redeemed by members.

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