VANGOA Drum Set for Beginner


Labor-saving Installation

The drum kit are equipped with Z-shaped and T-shaped key drums, saving time and effort to install and adjust, allowing parents to free their hands.

Safe & Firm Cymbals

The securely fixed cymbals provide a strong lock for children’s enjoyment of playing, Let children be better immersed in drumming.

Adjustable Drum Throne

The adjustable height drum stool has three heights (15.2/14.1/12.95in) to better adapt to the growth speed of the child, , so there is no need to worry about growing taller.


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  • ✔[KIDS DRUM SET] Our drum kit including an 8″ x 6″ tom drum, a 10″ x 4″ mounted snare drum, 13″ x 8″ bass drum with maple drumsticks, adjustable throne, cymbal and pedal. Easy to read setup instructions. Perfectly fits kids in learning or entertainment beginners
  • ✔[BRIGHT&RICH SOUND] This junior drum set adopt versatile poplar wood 6 layer drum cavity, makes the sound more powerful and richer. Using 3 layer electroplating process, wear-resistant stainless steel material, mirror effect appearance make the artistic sense is stronger, looks shiny, vibrantly colored and glittery
  • ✔[QUALITY DRUM SKIN] Porcelain white drum skin with better resonance, which gives you a balanced and warm sound of the drum. The electroplating drum ears are made of metal plating material, which is more shiny and round
  • ✔[EASIER TO INSTALL] The drum kit is equipped with 2 humanized drum keys of different shapes, making assembly more convenient. With the easy-to-follow user manual’s installation steps, you can easily own your drums
  • ✔[ALL-IN-ONE BEGINNER KIT] All you needed to start is included, 3pcs drums, 6pcs overtone stickers, a pair of 250mm maple drumsticks (with non-slip sleeves), Z drum key&T drum key, 4pcs finger rubber sleeve and user manual. No need to purchase separately, ready to use right out of the box


Clean & Shiny Appearance

Shiny gilt material drum set is easy to clean, beautiful in color, which attracts the attention of beginners, giving children a better experience with the instrument.

Durable & Stable Adjustable Suspension

The adjustable suspension easily adjust the inclination and height of the drum, adjust the angle that best suits your performance, and adapt to the growth speed of children.

Retractable Drum Legs

The adjustable drum legs support the drum in a triangular in stable state, so the drum will not shake and deviate when it is beaten, ensuring the safety of the child.


Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 11 × 11 × 11 cm


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